Nova Medical was established in 2002, and made it it’s aim to lead the aesthetic and medical aesthetic fields in Israel by providing the leading and latest solutions and innovations.
Nova Medical is considered the market leader within the field.
The company specializes in the sale and distribution of medical and aesthetic technologies within the B2B market.
Appreciated for its extensive expertise, Nova Medical holds a large market share and has strong bonds with all of Israel’s leading public & private hospitals, specialized clinics and healthcare funds.
Nova Medical as sole distributor of the leading worldwide aesthetic & medical technologies’ manufacturers is at the forefront of innovation and constantly introduces & updates the Israeli market with the latest improvements and technologies, while maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity.

The company provides ongoing clinical, technical and business support to its client base aimed at improving their sales, service and professional success probabilities.
The company also provides its clients with financial solutions applicable to their needs.
The Company

Number of employees: 20+
Company departments:
- Marketing & Sales
- Operations
- Technical & Engineering
- Clinical research & training
- Administration
Ofer Gerassi – CEO
Eyal Alhadeff – VP operations
Doron Itzhak – CFO
Corine Ben Shabat – VP Marketing
The offices are located in The Airport City, LOD, Israel


The company represents a number of world leading technological firms:

Alma lasers
Stands at the forefront of technological innovation as a developer and manufacturer of laser, light, ultrasound and RF based devices for aesthetic and medical applications.

A German company leading the fields of research, development and production of innovative wellness and future-health medical-aesthetic technologies

Develops medical and aesthetic devices using a unique Jet technology

Developer of MIT technology

Canfield Scientific
A global leader in the production and marketing of advanced imaging systems for medical research and skin diagnosis.

Czech based company specializing in the development and production of compressive garments.

Sectors of Activity
The company operates within 2 prime market sectors:

The Medical Division
Operates opposite dermatologists and aestheticians, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, gynecologists and vascular surgeons.

The Aesthetics Division
Operates opposite aesthetics institutes, spas, beauty & aesthetic chains, beauticians and salons, hairdressers etc.

Technologies & Platforms

The Medical Division
The medical division specializes and leads the market in all core technologies within the field.
Harmony XL PRO       Award winning Laser multi-purpose aesthetic platform
CO2 laser                    Pixel CO2 surgical laser platform
LipoLife                       Liposuction & fat transfer laser technology
VascuLife                    EVLA – minimally invasive Varicose vein laser technology
Femilift                        Vaginal tightening & SUI reduction laser technology
Gynius                        Genicular colposcope
HydroLife                    Laser Assisted Reduction of Axillary Hyperhidrosis
Lipoelastic                  Compressive garments
The Aesthetic Division
The aesthetic division specializes and leads the market in all core technologies within the field.
Soprano SHR   Alma Laser’s top laser based hair removal system
Non-Laser SHR IPL Alma SHR patented hair removal platforms – include specilised rejuvenation (fine line and wrinkles/pigmentation etc) handpieces
Accent Pro       The advanced Alma RF workstation for body and Face
Impact  Deep  Alma Laser’s US Based trans delivery system
Jet                    Tav-Tech’s patented hair and skin solution
WishPro           Synoia’s fast and effective facial solution
Vacumed         Intermittent negative pressure therapy
Ion                   Negative – Ion based body and mind therapy
Market Overview
The global medical aesthetic market is constantly expanding.
Increase in life expectancy and the rising importance of physical appearance over time, leads to an increase in demand for aesthetics and beauty treatments.
The hot and dry Israeli climate, combined with high smoking rates accelerates skin aging.
Patients demand fast & effective treatments, with minimum downtime, minimal pain, maximal results and proven safety records.
The local B2B Market
  • Over 6,000 beauticians operate in Israel in various facilities
  • 7 beauty academies operate nationwide
  • 10 large chains specializing in beauty treatments operate nationwide
  • There are 12 private hospitals and 21 state funded hospitals country wide.
  • There are 150 active plastic surgeons of which 80 own and operate private clinics
  • 150 Dermatologists operate nationwide
  • Around 600 aestheticians operate nationwide
All of the above constitute a high sales and business potential
The local  B2C Market
  • Population: 8 million
  • Female population: 51%
  • 40 – 60 yr. old age percentile: 20%
  • Plastic surgeries performed per year: ~ 20K
  • Top selling treatments:
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sun damage
  • Hair removal
  • Plastic surgeries (face & body)
  • Top reasons to operate in Israel
Longevity Leaders
Israel enjoys the sixth highest life expectancy in the world.
Further more, while life expectancy in the US grew by 4 years since 1980, and on the whole in OECD countries by 6 years, life expectancy in Israel has increased by 7 years within the specified time frame.
Superior Medical Care
Israeli longevity is largely a result of the country's top quality healthcare system –considered one of the best in the world. The national and private healthcare systems are constantly on the lookout for new products which can advance and improve the health of the population.
Innovation Enthusiasts
As great admirers and early adapters of innovation, Israelis are frequently willing to try out new products. The high value Israelis place on innovation is evident in that Israel is among the top five countries in the world when it comes to patents per capita, and in recent years it was in the top of the list for patents per capita for medical devices. Altogether, there are an estimated 1,000 life science companies in Israel, with approximately 70 new startups emerging every year.
Israel is also the world leader in R&D as a percentage of gross domestic product, with roughly 4.5% of Israeli GDP devoted to R&D. By contrast, the United States comes in at about 2.5%.
Nova Medical Business Strategy
To lead technological innovations
To provide customers with a full “One Stop Shop”
To provide various financial models to assist customers in advancing their business
Credit risk management
The One Stop Shop:
The company provides its B2B customers with an overall and complete professional package including:
Sale and distribution of equipment, accessories and expendables
Professional business assistance to enhance success levels
Marketing & sales support
Clinical & operational training
Full time clinical support
Financial solutions both through and outside the banking service
Maintenance and warranties for all equipment
Engines of Growth
Expansion of customer base to the B2C market
Revenue share option providing medical clinics with technological equipment for a percentage of revenues
Establishment of  a chain of “innovative vaginal treatments” clinics nationwide and worldwide
Expansion of product range
Medical equipment (orthopedic, gynecological and aesthetic)
Aesthetic technologies and products  (including creams, expendables, applications etc.)
Contact Us
mail \  info@novamedical.co.il
Phone \ +972-3-6320675

Nova Medical